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Investment Incentive Completion Report - Guven CPA
Investment Incentive Completion Report – Guven CPA

Investment Incentive Completion Report

What is Investment Incentive Certificate (IIC)?

Investor people or companies may benefit from certain privileges provided by the state. They should invest in areas designated by the state. Investments in school construction, export transactions or industrialization in underdeveloped regions are examples of these investments. In order to benefit from these privileges, the investor should apply to the Ministry of Commerce for an IIC.

Benefits provided to investors within the scope of Investment Incentive Certificate includes support in many areas such as VAT Exemption, publicly supported loans, insurance premiums and employer share support, interest support and customs exemption. The decision of the Council of Ministers, including state support on investments, came into force in 2012. Then, the state aids continue to be revised with the changes made. You can reach the Council of Ministers Decision, which came into force in 2012, here. You can find the latest changes about the subject here.

The application is done to The Ministry of Trade General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Investment. The additional documents include procurement of goods and services to be benefited from incentives and the breakdown of these goods and services. The persons or institutions receiving the investment incentive certificate can benefit from the opportunuties provided in the document. At the end of this period, the investor should apply for the same institution to complete incentive. Most of the documents required for this transaction, also known as the Investment Incentive Certificate Completion Visa, are not required when there is Certified Public Accountant report about the incentive.

CPA Report

A report prepared by a Certified Public Accountant to close the subsidy eliminates the need for other documents. The purpose of the closure application is to determine whether the benefits provided by the government are used appropriately by the investor and whether it is used outside the objective. Here, it is seen that the government facilitates the realization of the transaction requested by them in return for the approval of the Certified Public Accountant in such cases.

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