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Financial Consultancy
Financial Consultancy

Financial Consultancy

As the Guven CPA family; we provide financial consultancy services by examining the financial statements, balance sheets and accounts of the companies. We work  by intervening one by one and in case of need for correction. The scope of the financial advisory services we provide:

  • Clarifying or interpreting the financial statements,
  • Consultancy on necessary procedures and principles,
  • To provide information and comments on the legislation (published law, notification or decision),
  • Consultancy on the investments made by companies,
  • To propose methods that will enable companies to be prepared against tax thinning,
  • Provide consultancy in mergers and acquisitions.

In Turkey, accounting records are not kept meticulously (bag accounts, erroneous account records, etc.); which are issued every few years, Tax, Cash, Stock Amnesty that companies such as consulting with our experienced team are helping issues. Consultancy service is provided by our Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants and their assistants.

Investment Consulting

If a firm from outside Turkey plans investing a company in Turkey, they could need some reportings. For example: profit-loss situation, taxes, expenses etc. We analyze invested company and convert Turkish terms into global terms in English and then present a detailed report to investors. Also, by applying inner auditing to the invested company, we let the investor know all news and developments in the firm.

The investments planned by the companies that are being served are examined in detail and the feasibility of the movement is formed and opinions are expressed. The positive and negative results that the company may face, the return of the investment to the company when and how much the return will be made, the preparations to be made for the investment, the amount of the fact that the balance sheet reflects the truth and the plan to invest, The company, or the subject of the fact that the transaction is a tool that can really be invested in the present day, and our opinions such as the risk of this investment, are examined by us and a report containing an opinion about the investment that is planned to be made to the company management who wants to invest with a related report.

We provide financial consultancy services to the people or institutions related to investments to be made abroad, investments to be made in the country from abroad, export and import investments and investments made for transition to different sectors. You can contact us for detailed information.

More details about investing in Turkey can be found here.

Lesgislation Consultancy

Both Joint Stock Companies and Limited Liability Companies have certain responsibilities according to the Turkish Commercial Law. They are subject to VAT and Corporate Tax. The legal regulations set forth in the fields such as tax, area of ​​activity and rights of companies are not constant but are constantly changing. In addition, in accordance with the situation in which the country is located, temporary legal provisions that companies should benefit from or take into consideration are put into effect by being published in the official gazette. These provisions must be followed, interpreted and implemented. Otherwise, criminal proceedings may be imposed on companies. On the other hand, the firm may miss an opportunity to benefit from.

Our company, while keeping up-to-date with the legislation, informs the customers about the legal legislation. Relevant companies shall be assisted in the event of an action to be applied or to be avoided or an explanation to the official institutions.

Tax, Balance Sheet and Income Statement Consulting

There are declarations that companies are obliged to inform the government. With these declarations, companies are notified about the number of employees, their expenses, profit and loss situation, VAT, income withholding taxes, insurance premiums and corporate tax. State inspectors check these accounts while checking the accounts of the companies. False or erroneous notices (such as unrequited invoices, notifying employee insurance, paying taxes in case of loss of profit, etc.) have serious consequences for companies. Therefore, the monthly and quarterly declarations of the companies should be carefully checked and confirmed.

Balance Sheet and Income Statement are financial data of the company in a summary and understandable manner. The information about the company’s profit / loss from operations, sales of goods or services and the cost of these sales, the values ​​of the assets within the company and the state of shareholders’ equity are easily accessible via these tables. These tables provide guidance on the financial position of the companies. Company managers can make important decisions about the company in the light of the data they have obtained. (eg. investment, downsizing, partnership, etc.).

In addition, financial matters such as balance sheet, income statement and trial balance are taken into consideration by the authorized institutions and persons in their legal affairs arising from the financial affairs of the Companies (for example, Concordat Declaration). The authorized person shall make his opinion or decision on the company according to the result of the financial data.

Güven CPA family serves the companies that they work with on declaration notifications and problems related to the issue.

Mergers and Acquisitions

According to the Turkish Commercial Law, the company is a legal entity. The merger of companies means that two legal entities are consolidated and one legal entity is created. The merger is examined in terms of taxation in articles 18-19 and 20 of the Corporate Tax Law.You can read the related articles here (in Turkish). The principles determined by the Turkish Commercial Law(articles 136-148) can be found at here .

Güven CPA family provides financial consultancy services on many issues such as procedures to be applied in mergers, preparation of agreement conditions according to the balance sheets of merged companies, consolidation of balance sheet, consolidation of balance sheet and determination of tax base.

In the company acquisitions; The confirmation of the assets and liabilities in the balance sheet of the company to be purchased is very important for the full value of the company. Firms should be sure of the accuracy of the data in the balance sheet. It is necessary to extract the fair value balance of the company. The legislative part of actions and previous period and current period financial data of the company should be examined well.

For our other financial consultancy services please contact with us.

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