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Domestic Goods Certificate

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Domestic Goods Certificate

Domestic Goods Certificate

The Domestic Goods Certificate is a document which is given to the domestic producers providing certain criteria for incentive purposes and makes them more advantageous compared to the companies which do not have these certificates in public tenders.

The certificate is issued by the stock exchange or chambers affiliated to the TOBB responsible for the area of ​​activity of the requesting company. The advantage of the document is that it provides a price advantage of up to 15% for the company that will be involved in the public tender.

For example; The company A, which has entered into a drug purchase tender for state hospitals and does not have a domestic product certificate for the said drug, offers an offer of 85,000 TL. The B company, which has the current domestic goods certificate about the other participant and related drugs, offers 100.000 TL as bid. The share of domestic goods is determined as 15%. In this case, B, which is a certificate of domestic goods, is the firm that has won the public tender. It is due to the advantage of domestic goods certificate, although the offer is more than the A company. In short, the document plays an important role in public procurement. Therefore, the priority issue of the manufacturers to enter public tenders is to provide this document.

Only manufacturers do not use the certificate. There are also companies which have received the certified product from the manufacturer company and entered the sale contracts for the sale of the product in question. These companies can benefit from the advantages of the certificate (up to 15%) in the tenders they enter. With the latest regulations, the related document was opened for the software sector.

Conditions For Domestic Goods Certificate

  • Domestic goods are not issued for all products produced. The product must be among the products at the medium and high technology level. The product technology list is published by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. (See the List)
  • The domestic contribution rate of the product should be at least 51%.
  • Origin control should be done to determine whether the goods bought in Turkey are imported or not.
  • The condition for industrial products for the domestic goods is included in the “Production Subject” in the Industry Registration Document of the requested company.
  • For Food and Agricultural products; There must be a Business Register or Approval Certificate issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.
  • Certified Public Accountant approval is required for the domestic contribution rate.
  • The undertaking and application petition for the accuracy of the accounts.

The domestic contribution rate

When calculating the Domestic Contribution Rate the materials used directly or indirectly in the production of the product, labor and overheads are poured into the table together with the evidence for importation. With the calculations made, it is proved that domestic product rate is at least 51% of the product. Invoices, dispatches and related documents are used as evidence.