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7- Return of Goods in Financial Leasing During Concordat Process

Yayınlayan: Sefa KATIRCI
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One of the issues that should be taken into consideration as a new application of concordat is whether the goods that the borrower company obtains through Leasing before the concurrence announcement will be returned in the process.

Upon the request of the Borrower, the return of the leased goods in the approval decision may be postponed. By the following conditions not exceeding one year from the decision.

. The Borrower shall undertake the performance of the Financial Leasing Agreement in accordance with paragraph 7 of Article 294 of the Execution and Bankruptcy Law.
. Leasing’s lease will be born before the demand for concordat. Unpaid lease debt should not exceed three months.
. The loss due to the depreciation of the subject matter of the leased property due to this postponement shall be guaranteed.
. The Borrower must have proved approximately that the goods are mandatory for the operation of the enterprise. And that the economic existence of the property will be compromised if returned.